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List of countries where Arabic is an official language Wikipedia.
As of 2016 there are 7 non-sovereign entities where Arabic is an official language. The following is a list of non-sovereign entities and autonomous regions as well as territories where Arabic is an official or de facto official language. Non-sovereign entities and territories where Arabic is an official or de facto official language No Name Population Notes Region. Co-official language along with Tuareg. Co-official language along with Kurdish. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Co-official language along with Somali.
Can somebody list all Arabic dialects there are and where is each of them being spoken? Quora.
Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Can somebody list all Arabic dialects there are and where is each of them being spoken? Lara Novakov Studying the Middle East. Egyptian Arabic spoken in Egypt but it is also present throughout the ME mostly because of soap operas/tv shows 55 milion native speakers. Levantine Arabic spoken mostly in Liban Syria Jordan Israel Cyprus 20 milion native speakers. N.African Arabic or Maghrebi Arabic spoken in Libya Tunisia Algeria Morocco heavy influence from French 54 milion native speakers 3 milion L2 speakers in Algeria.
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In which countries of the world is Spanish official language? Arabic is spoken predominantly in how many countries? How many French speaking countries are there? List of countries where English is spoken. Countries where the Portuguese language is spoken. This is a list of countries by megalanguages the most spoken languages in the world. Chinese Speaking Countries English Speaking Countries Spanish Speaking Countries Arabic Speaking Countries Portuguese Speaking Countries French Speaking Countries German Speaking Countries. In which Countries of the world is this Language spoken. List of countries with a Chinese Putonghua Mandarin speaking population or Chinese is a widely spoken language. Chinese Speaking Countries in Asia. Tibet Tibet Autonomous Region within PR China.
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Persian is strongly Arabized in both vocabulary and grammar. Urdu the official language of Pakistan and one of the major languages in India also contains a great many words of Arabic origin. Where is Arabic spoken today? Cairo is the largest city in the Arab world. Arabic is today spoken by more than 200 million people in the Arab World and it is an official language in 22 countries. Arabic is also an important language in many countries bordering on the Arab World like Mali Niger Chad Eritrea Djibouti Ethiopia and Somalia. There are also Arabic-speaking populations in parts of southern Turkey and southwestern Iran.
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Countries Where Arabic is Spoken. The Arabic language is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. Only English Chinese and Indian are spoken by more people in more countries. Arabic is the official language of many countries in Asia and Africa. In countries where Arabic is predominantly spoken and is the official national language business has been increasing. The Importance of Learning Arabic. You may have seen the luxury private islands and high-tech skyscrapers of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates on TV and in movies. These unreal scenes of opulence are not exaggerated that much.
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All Muslims are obliged to use Arabic in prayer. Today the Arab world is as region composed of countries in the Middle East and North Africa where Arabic is an official language. Arabic speaking countries are immensely diverse from one another in terms of their history culture politics and dialects. List of Arabic Speaking Countries by GDP. In total Arabic speaking countries have a collective GDP of 2.851 trillion. This is approximately 4% of Gross World Product GWP. Many countries in the Arab world are considered emerging markets. The Arab world is most notable for petroleum production specifically in the Middle East.
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A Guide to Arabic 10 facts about the Arabic language. Check the Arabic-only version. Where is Arabic spoken? Arabic is the official language of the 22 countries which form the Arab League Its the native language of over 200m people residing in this geographical region which stretches from Southwest Asia to Northwest Africa and is also known as the Arab World. Arabic is also the liturgical language of over a billion Muslims around the world as its the language in which the Qur'an the Holy Book of Islam was revealed.

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