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So in sum Shariah program is a great program and the videos on this site will help you get a head start. Find all posts by Ajami786. Join Date Jul 2010. I enrolled in but did not finish. I found the course to be difficult in the sense that the teacher never utilized the blackboard to give examples. I found the teacher to be unqualified to teach. The Arabic course was too advance it was not designed for new non-arabic students.
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Free Arabic Alphabet Course. How to Learn Arabic. What Our Students Have to Say.
NEED INFO ON Online Shariah Programme online Arabic course with mufti Yusuf MullA.
I would suggest completing at least 2 books of the Madinah Arabic series with a teacher before starting the Shariah Program. The main attraction of the Shariah Program is that they are really focused on building reading comprehension and they start reading from an Arabic book early on. The first book that they read is almost like a children's book in Arabic The Stories of the Prophets. But after 20 weeks they move on to reading a text on grammar which has no tashkeel. And then in the second year they move on to more advanced books of grammar tafsir and balagha. Last edited by abdulsidd 16-05-16 at 1236 PM. at WI. Shariah Program's 2-Year Online Course Login.
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By Sawitri Mardyani Phd. It seems like a completely outrageous claim doesnt it? Especially if youve tried to study Arabic before. You know how many weeks months years or even decades youve spent learning words constructing simple sentences and not coming anywhere near a real Arabic book. So how could this be possible? How could you cover enough of the language to Do you need to study night and day in an immersion environment ignoring of all your other responsibilities?
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Shariah Program Learn Arabic Online. The Toronto Shariah Program offers for the first time in North America Arabic language courses online Arabic classes and Arabic language intensives. Traditional courses of instruction in Classical Arabic and the Shariah sciences aimed at English speakers.

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